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By Chris Hislop // Published on Sep 14, 2017

One of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal when it comes to marketing your brand is your tagline. Besides the actual visualization of your brand (the logo), your first statement – the “first impression” – is your tagline (also referred to as a “positioning line” or “slogan”). This is your opportunity to really pull someone in and get them wondering about who you are and what you’re up to. That said, it’s imperative that you’re strategic about the line.

Here are the three fundamental focal points of a strong brand tagline:


Again, this is your first stab at pulling in your target audience. You want a line that speaks to your brand’s core mission while leaving a tiny bit of space for wonderment. Some people will tell you to regurgitate your name in your tagline. Don’t. That’s a waste of space. Some people will tell you to convey exactly what it is you do. Don’t. That’s what the support copy/materials are for. You don’t want to be completely arbitrary, but you want to give them something that makes them think, ‘interesting, I’m going to look further into this brand…’ Think Nike. Nike’s tagline isn’t, “we sell the greatest shoes money can buy on planet earth.” No. In fact, while we’re on it, don’t say you’re the “best (x)” at all. If that’s a part of your branding, chances are you’re not the best at anything – you’re just another cliché. Exude confidence without making false promises. In short: “Just Do It.” Set the hook and reel them in.


This is where being strategic comes into play. Think about what you do. Realize who you are in the marketplace. Imagine the splash you want to make. Now boil all that down into as few words as possible. If you can get it to a few short words, you’re there. If you’re using your tagline as an introductory sentence, you’re not there; you’re failing the exercise. Again, exude confidence. Apple’s tagline isn’t, “innovative computers and devices for your everyday technology needs.” No. If you need to spell it out that literally you’re not being impactful enough and people aren’t even going to get to the end of that line. Further, think about how your tagline is going to appear on supporting marketing materials. A sentence is going to look weird. A few poignant words is likely going to sit beautifully directly below your logo – which is valuable. In short: “Think Different.” Boil your core values down into a punchy, concise package.


This is important and, at the outset, is probably the least thought of piece of a good tagline. Look to the future. Just because you’re starting small and focusing on one or two things, doesn’t mean your brand and business isn’t going to grow down the line. Leave room for growth and added products and/or services. Seriously. McDonald’s tagline isn’t “that’s a tasty burger.” No. If you’re going to add, say, a chicken sandwich, or perhaps you get real crazy and add a fish filet to the menu, you don’t want to take a sharpie or a can of spray paint to your tagline to convey these added items in order to get yourself out of the original pigeonhole… In short: I’m Lovin’ It. Allow your tagline and, further, your brand to breathe. If you go in short-minded, you’re tossing opportunity to the wayside and setting yourself up for an expensive remedy, or full-on failure down the road.

Be creative, think freely, and give your brand serious legs. A successful tagline is an inspired call-to-action and by in large should get people talking. “Can You Hear Me Now?”

If you need help with coming up with a poignant, lasting tagline, Boldwerks will aide you in delivering your brand to the next level. Contact us today.

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