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By Chris Hislop // Published on Nov 18, 2020

If you’ve paid any attention to the Boldwerks blog over the years, you’re no stranger to these types of entries. It’s fun to have a little bit of fun, and take a look at the legacy of a larger-than-life personality and put a creative marketing centric spin on some of the words that came out of said party’s mouth. Today we pay tribute to Tommy Heinsohn, who, perhaps, isn’t as “globally” well known as some of the other figures we’ve shed some light on. But, this writer bleeds green, and…

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By Chris Hislop // Published on Oct 16, 2020

In marketing, we’re always on the move. Always on the hunt or a new lead, a new prospect, a new buyer. We celebrate brand awareness and champion a bolstered bottom-line. But today, we’re going to throw all of that out the window for a moment and talk about focusing on the now. Sure, it’s important to have three vantage points: An understanding of the past Two eyes on the now And a pulse on looking for ways to fuel the future…

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By Chris Hislop // Published on Aug 03, 2020

It feels like I’m waxing nostalgic here. And, to extent, I am. It also feels like I’m pleading for the relevance of my job. And, yes, to extent, I am… In 2020, words are undervalued. The written word, that is. The ability to put together a coherent sentence that aides in pushing communication forward (for your brand, or otherwise). By-and-large we’ve given way to a culture that utilizes short form phrasing as a means of communicating. When we start writing into our devices, the device takes a best guess…

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"Wealth is acquired by the daily practice of industry and frugality. He who relies upon these means will rarely be found destitute, and he who relies upon any other, will generally become bankrupt."
- Francis Wayland

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