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By Chris Hislop // Published on Aug 03, 2020

It feels like I’m waxing nostalgic here. And, to extent, I am. It also feels like I’m pleading for the relevance of my job. And, yes, to extent, I am… In 2020, words are undervalued. The written word, that is. The ability to put together a coherent sentence that aides in pushing communication forward (for your brand, or otherwise). By-and-large we’ve given way to a culture that utilizes short form phrasing as a means of communicating. When we start writing into our devices, the device takes a best guess…

By Adam Kaufmann // Published on May 12, 2020

As expected, quarantined people talk about quarantine. Across social media and news sites, there have been 19 million mentions related to Covid-19 around the world in the past 24-hours alone. It’s no surprise that as more and more Americans adopt social media, the user base changes as well. Sites such as YouTube and Facebook now have users more broadly representative of the population. YouTube has become the second most popular search engine and second most popular site next to Google,…

By Adam Kaufmann // Published on May 06, 2020

If you don’t have one, find one. For without one your growth will plateau. It’s your mentors who bring out the best in you, leading you to exponential growth. The stories, techniques, and life experiences – whether outdated or antiquated – it’s all relevant… A good mentor will drive you to reach your full potential. Sometimes these engagements may position them to seem like an asshole, however they‘re an asshole because they care and believe in you. Good creatives…

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