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Who We Are


When you’re on the quest of finding of an agency that’s born of digital and traditional roots, the trail ends here. All of us live both online and offline. You, your family, your friends, and, of course, your customers. So, when it comes to your marketing initiatives – the task of targeting your perspective audience – shouldn’t you be positioning your message both digitally, and in the real, tangible world around you?

Good news, that’s where Boldwerks can help. Born of traditional roots, and developed / steeped in digital marketing methodologies.

As a New Hampshire based advertising and marketing agency, we serve many companies throughout NH, MA, greater New England, and beyond. Our innovative advertising and marketing solutions have generated results for you, our customer since 2009.

Embracing hard work as a virtue;

We’re the agency that works. Here are a few reasons why:

  • On the surface, we work for YOU, but when we get into it, we’re working for your prospects, customers, and constituents. After all, you hired us for this very reason… Right?
  • Design matters. A lot. In fact, it’s amazing design work that gets attention and separates an organization from its competition. What’s your brand look like? How’s it resonating? Do you know?
  • Communication is vital to good relationships. Open lines of communication lead to fruitful open lines of opportunity.
  • Marketing doesn’t come in a box. It’s not a product. It’s an ongoing process of understanding, creating, refining, adjusting, and conquering. Each and every platform (there are a lot) that challenge occurs daily.
  • Creative thinkers and producers make a qualified, difference-making marketing agency; not an administrative staff. We are front and center, in meetings, on calls, on the jobsite, and beyond. We work directly with you, the client. Always. That way, nothing gets lost in translation, and work being created is exactly as we discussed. Clear. Impactful. Results driven. Boldwerks.

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