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Armoring MuShield’s Assets
(Online and Beyond)

The MuShield Company has long been known as the manufacturing partner that enables their customer pool to “Armor Your Assets”. Along with contract manufacturing and custom job implementation needs, MuShield is at the forefront of the magnetic shield industry – placing their creations in everything from the device you hold in your hands this very moment, to the spaceship exploring new possibilities in space.

Digitally positioned MuShield ahead of all competition in the niche field.

Boldwerks was tasked with taking a static website and stagnant marketing collateral and overhauling the look, feel, and direction of the entire suite. What we came up with was nearly as otherworldly as they themselves are…


Identity Refresh

Print collateral

Website design and development

Content creation (ongoing)

Mini brochure style landing pages

Email newsletter design, copy, integration, and initiation


Industry focused brochures

Tradeshow environment collateral

Strategic SEO integration


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