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All Construction Starts
With a Blueprint.

The assembly line revolutionized industry.
Our process will revolutionize your marketing.

We start with your goals. Need $5m in new sales? An extra 100 client inquiries per month? Absolutely, positively, must be done for the 1st? The more specific and objective we are – the better our plan for success. From there we determine how to acquire the eyeballs to reach those goals, engage prospects, customers, and constituents, and maintain those relationships.



ACQUIRE: Capture interest + attention
· Establish your goals.
· How many “touches” to reach those?
· Build a plan to get those eyeballs.
· Identify the audience.
· Envision a unifying theme.
· Craft a message to connect.
· Determine tactics for promotion.



ENGAGE: Motivate action
· Identify actions – call, email, buy, etc.
· How to motivate people to take action?
· Determine the medium(s) to use.
· Implement great designs.
· Write compelling messaging.
· Build the campaign, website, ad, etc.
· Integrate with long-term plans.



MAINTAIN: Strengthen relationships
· Establish long-term goals.
· What do customers want?
· Develop ongoing messaging.
· Create communications plan.
· Blog, newsletter, events, etc.
· Measure success, refine and improve.
· Polish every point of contact.

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