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Public Relations

"Speak (Boldly) and Carry A Big Stick"

Are you letting the press (and hence the public) know about newsworthy events happening within your organization? Unsure of what a newsworthy event is? There’s a lot to take advantage of when it comes to getting free “ink” (and hence, advertising) in the press. The only way those news outlets are going to get a grip on what’s happening, is if you’re tipping them off. That’s where we can help. We write news related press releases every week. We help our clients get press each and every day. Everyone loves seeing and hearing their name in the press. We’re sure you’re no different. Let’s deliver the news and expand your brand’s recognition in the eyes, ears, and hearts of your target audience.

See a Few Examples in Action
  • From the moment we were introduced, it was clear that they understood our vision and mission and that we shared a common passion for the importance of music in our community.

    -David Young Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra

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