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Online Marketing


Embrace the digital age. Please.

If you’re not, you’re finished… BUT, you’re here looking at this, so chances are, you’re at least thinking about opening up those arms.

Businesses must understand and appreciate the notion of marketing their organization online. In a nutshell, you need to make it easy to be found. It’s as simple as that.


Your options are seemingly infinite. Are you utilizing social media as it applies to your business? Are you constantly creating unique content focused on engaging current and prospective clientele? Crafting and blasting targeted emails? Blogging?

Yes? Excellent.

No? It’s never too late to start…

Don't have the bandwidth to complete what we’ve mentioned above? That’s why we’re here.

Email Campaigns

Yes, people still do read email. The idea is to send them emails they want to open up and consume. Your target audience is placing their trust in you to deliver engaging content that is free of spam, and valuable enough for them to spend their precious time reading it through. If you’ve compromised that trust with a spammy subject line, or an email that is full of “fluff,” they’re not going to continue to read your messages. Boldwerks is here to keep you out of junk mail and into their minds.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the effort you take to make sure your company is optimally appearing in search engines such as Google. It’s about implementing industry keywords into your copy without detracting from your intended message. It’s about developing fresh content on a consistent basis. It’s about developing backlinks from outlets spread across the web. It’s a task that requires an intimate understanding of what to say, and how and where to say it. We’ve developed hundreds of SEO driven content pages and know what it takes to make you stand out prominently when potential customers search for you online.

  • SEO Keyword Analysis
    We will review current keyword rankings for target keywords and other relevant keywords to determine the best strategy.
On-Page / Content Optimization
    SEO application of changes to page titles, meta description tags, headings, body copy, and text links based on recommendations indicated by analysis and research.
  • Link Building and Implementation
    Using the gathered data, Boldwerks will work with our google verified SEO team to implement high quality back links to dedicated landing pages to help improve traffic and increase rankings on target keywords.
This will include listings with reputable directory sites and industry focused portals.

  • On-Page / Content Creation
    Content is king, Boldwerks will provide custom professional copywriting on the site that is informative, well written and keyword specific.
  • Reporting
    We will provide documentation of the analysis and research results and optimization actions taken. The contents of the report should show a measurable improvement in 2 areas: Higher (or stablized) page ranking for majority of target words & Increase in site traffic (based on past year data rather than month to month comparison).
  • Google Adwords
    We can build and enhance your Google adwords campaigns to ensure that target keywords are being bid on and effective phasing is being used in the messaging.


Blogging is a great way to consistently develop content that will bring traffic to your site. Blogs are useful and engaging entries that you can easily share across all your marketing platforms: from social media, to email marketing campaigns and company news. They can be fun, informal, warm pieces of content – be it written, or visual based – that people are more apt to share within their own networks. The goal is for you to get your brand out there in front as many people as possible. A blog is a great tool in helping you achieve that.

Mobile Marketing

The world runs on apps. Ever thought about a creative app that you can develop that puts your brand in the hands of many end users? Boldwerks is here to help bring those ideas and initiatives to fruition. If you’re not marketing with mobile devices in mind, you’re not really marketing at all (at least not well).

  • We value Boldwerks as a marketing force, and how they go above and beyond to make sure we're marketing ourselves to our fullest potential.

    -Laurie Seavey Dermatology and Skin Health
  • I would highly recommend anyone who needs creative marketing direction to work with Boldwerks. Their work is second-to-none, and it’s bold – just as the name suggests.

    -Tasha Haddad NH Orthopaedic Center

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