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Graphic Design

Yes, People Still Do Appreciate Tangible Collateral

We live in a digital age. We embrace that. However, there are times (within the times) when the best way to garner attention is by embracing marketing’s roots. Digital materials will never be able to replicate the effect that a perfectly designed brochure, catalogue, or print ad will have on your clients. There’s a lot of power in the sense of touch.  There are times when leaving a tangible, tactile marketing item with your client will be the best way to strike at their core. Say it with confidence. Say it boldly. Make them FEEL it. We are here to help you design your printed materials, and also offer in-house print runs (small) to get your campaign out the door and into the hands of your target audience.

Print Collateral

Your prospective customers swim in a sea of digital media. In a culture of electronic, impersonal communication, nothing is more efficient and direct than handing a client your information face-to-face. And as stunning as visual images can be, nothing beats the feeling of holding richly textured paper, or the smell of fine inks fresh off the press. When you want to really impress, Boldwerks can create professional print materials that are built to stun. Whether a brochure, flyer, presentation booklet, or magazine insert, help your customers out of the sea by giving them something to hold on to.

Package Design

Ever heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, this is more important than ever. At Boldwerks we understand this concept and work to ensure your clients are impressed right off the bat. Nothing makes us happier than providing your business with immediate impact. This is why we always wrap our designs with a professional presentation. This is why we still mount our work. Think your customers won’t judge a book by its cover? Think again. But don’t worry, we’ll handle that.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail. Let us not forget you… Are you guilty of quickly rifling through those envelopes that appear in your mailbox everyday and just wind up throwing it all away? Yeah, so are we. It's not necessarily that it's irrelevant – it's that it's boring. How can you stop someone from throwing your message away? The answer: You give them something that immediately strikes their interest. You give them something they want to keep. It must be of value to your target market. We enjoy working with our clients to find a cost affordable and unique idea that stands out. If they're keeping it, they're remembering it. If they're remembering it, they're remembering you.

Trade Show Displays

Do you enjoy tradeshows? We do. Why? Because nothing is more fun then rubbing elbows with your competitors and meeting new prospects while talking about your services. Tower over your competitors (literally) and create an environment representative of your brand that draws people over to learn more about you. There's much you can offer to your prospective leads at your booth. Collateral, video, and promotional products are all items people enjoy. Make a lasting impression. Focus on the details. Take them seriously.

Design Is Never Ending

Challenge us. Tell us to come up with something new. Tell us you have a vision, but you're not sure what it is. We'll bring that blur into focus. Trust us. We love to create, and we live through design. Graphic design is imperative. It's everywhere. It can (and should) be applied to everything. Our skills here at Boldwerks will help you take charge, and get you and your brand noticed.

  • The quality of the report is absolutely amazing... As a small, state-funded non-profit it is incredibly rare that we get the opportunity to distribute information in such a professional format.

    -Kelly S. Mann Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center

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