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Every Brand Begins With A Strong Foundation

Branding is everything. Plain and simple. It’s your mark. It’s your identity. It’s your potential target’s first impression. Without it you are nothing. With it you can change the world. From logo identities, positioning lines, signage, collateral, and the overall consumer experience, you have to stand out, and stand out in consistent fashion. We have developed strong brand identities for companies throughout NH, MA and the world. Please, allow us. We’ll get you where you need to be.

Identity Package

You’ve come up with a concept for a business. Great! What’s next? Your identity. Are you ready to stick out? Great! We LOVE brainstorming ideas and coming up with the unique visual component of your business. And we do it well. A strong look is representative of a strong brand, and gives your company the look of a leader against the competition. We take great pride in executing this step of the process.

Your Tagline

You’ve got the visual, now how do you position yourself quickly, succinctly, and in engaging fashion? A tagline. Every sound brand has one. We’ll deliver a few ideas; you choose the one that speaks to you. The guarantee? This tagline will be impactful. With that, people understand who you are, what you do, and will want to learn more.

Branding Guidelines

Consistency and continuity across all mediums is the strongest way of imprinting your brand in your prospect’s mind. Establishing a set of guidelines to help your organization manage any piece of communication is the first step. Every time a potential prospect views your product it’s important to engulf them in your brand. The final brand guideline document will vary in size, but the end goal remains the same. Are you ready to make a mark?

External & Internal Brand Messaging

Your stationary package works hand-in-hand with your brand guidelines. Business cards, envelopes, email templates, letterhead, invoice forms, etc., are all items that represent your brand. A consistent brand helps viewers remember who you are.

See a Few Examples in Action
  • The creative Boldwerks presented was far and away beyond expectations. Very excited to stand behind my new mark.

    -James Leblanc Cloud Geared Solutions
  • Boldwerks made it very easy for us to let them do what they do best - create an amazing brand that we can be proud to be associated with.

    -John Tynan PS It Matters

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