By Anonymous // Published on Jun 03, 2010

One year ago we formed Boldwerks because we were dissatisfied with the Agency world. We looked at the trends and thought "we can do better than this." Quite frankly we believe that our customers deserve better.

In the traditional Agency world there is an account manager who sits between the client and the creative team. At Boldwerks we've turned this model on its head and we have no account managers. Clients work directly with the designers, writers, programmers, artists and specialists on their project. The result is better work with less confusion and...

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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Jun 01, 2010

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center has selected Boldwerks as their creative agency of record. To say that we’re honored to work with them is an understatement. Since 2001 their surgeons have consistently been voted as top doctors in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, and hand surgery by New Hampshire Magazine. They offer many services to keep you in motion, and Boldwerks is going to make sure the area knows it.

We are working closely with NHOC staff on strategies to help them reach their target market, starting with a series of branded promotional products and sponsorship...

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By Anonymous // Published on May 25, 2010

It’s up and running! Boldwerks has made OmVed a brand new web site, that is “truly beautiful” (Priti Mehta, Omved’s CEO.)

Omved specializes in products that promote natural living, based on Vedic science that’s over 5,000 years old. OmVed’s products are all natural, handcrafted, fair trade, good for the planet, and packaging makes women say “Ooooh, pretty!”

We started Boldwerks in 2009 when we got tired of working for The Man. We thought about trying to become The Man, but The Man rarely likes what he does, and we love what we do...