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Sealing the Deal on Formax’s Digital Presence

Formax, a Boldwerks client since 2013, is an industry leader. They help design, manufacture, and distribute pressure seal, mailing, data destruction and digital print finishing solutions. They needed a website which would best present their product offerings. Boldwerks went to work. We designed and constructed a site that would capitalize on their best features. In fact, to date, we’ve executed on the creation of five individual websites for their company. Each site serves their own unique purpose given their differing vantage points in Formax’s industry.

Our goal was to ensure an optimal layout on every screen. Even for mobile users. As a result, the process of responsive design required frequent user testing. This responsive design means less headache for developers, business owners, and consumers. It allows less time to be spent on maintenance and frees up time to focus on more essential things, such as marketing and content creation. In the future, our team will continue to work on reducing maintenance costs, ongoing search engine optimization, and improving conversion rates. Boldwerks strives every day to provide the best website design in NH. The support we can provide each and every one of our clients inspires us to take each client personally. No matter the task at hand, Boldwerks will get to work.

Boldwerks delivers the best website design in NH!

Building Revenue Streams Where There Once Was Not.

Boldwerks worked closely with the internal team at Formax to aid in the design, planning, and implementation process of each of these websites while executing an ongoing strategic SEO initiative and the creation of a custom UPS integration tool which aided in the seamless routing of customer orders.


Product Branding

Built 5 Websites With Client

Custom UPS Integration And Optimization

Streamlined Business Processes Online

Ongoing general website maintenance

Strategic SEO integration

Case Studies
  • Logos + Identities
  • Logos + Identities
  • Logos + Identities
  • Logos + Identities

Increased online traffic by 172%

Generated substantial online revenue stream for the company where they didn’t have any prior to engaging with Boldwerks

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