New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center

Case Study

NHOC logoIdea

When new Hampshire orthopaedic Center (NHOC) approached us to become their agency of record, we were very excited. We pride ourselves on a being an agency that is steeped in traditional practices and living in the digital age. We love both equally, but when we have the chance to market tangible messaging, yeah, we become very excited.

NHOC formed in 2010 with the merger of two separate practices. they wanted to reintroduce themselves to their clientele, as well as reach new potential prospects who may not have realized these specialized care physicians were located right in their back yard. they wanted to reach this audience with messaging that reached the mailbox. Messaging that they could actually feel. the goal was to reach target physicians, sports organizations, hospitals, physical therapists, and other relevant professionals in a position to refer NHOC’s surgical specialists.

It was up to Boldwerks to establish, create, and maintain a campaign that informed the state (and region) of the seven facilities NHOC had just rebranded, and opened up.


Did we mention we were excited? Yes, we were. We initiated this series of projects by hitting the ground at a full sprint. We sought to educate, create and inspire. We wanted the collateral we were producing to evoke thought, and not be a piece that one would just toss in the recycle bin.

Here are a few key components to the campaign:

  • Branded all seven of their facilities with their new logo (which included the design and implementation of practice stationary, business cards, appointment cards, and key printed collateral outlining special recognition and certifications NHOC was proud of, which was framed and showcased throughout the facilities).
  • Created a year-long print ad campaign called, “Your tools inside,” focusing each month on a different team within the facility. We designed, integrated, and initiated advertisements that promoted each service at different times of the year. Winter had a focus on knees (skiing), spring focused on shoulders (tennis), summer showcased ankles (golf), and fall was all about the spine (painting – manual labor).
  • Along with the print ads, publications gave opportunities for nHoC to produce advertorials, written and designed by us to establish nHoC as the thought leaders in the industry.
  • Sponsorship banners placed at regional high schools, regional based colleges and universities, the Manchester Monarchs arena, lowell spinners baseball stadium, and the new Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball stadium.
  • Brochures for use at tradeshows, in-house, and as direct mail pieces focusing on general practice offerings, specific service offerings, and new doctor acquisitions.
  • Direct mail campaign focused on spinal care that included specified brochure, mugs, clipboards (with cover page), packaged in a custom box targeting physicians in the industry to refer patients to a specialist spine surgeon at NHOC.
  • Developed sponsorships opportunities and designed applicable materials for use at regional schools, sports organizations, education foundations, elderly communities, rehab facilities, pertinent periodicals, and many more.


The impact was forceful. Boldwerks won numerous awards, and were highly regarded as an agency pushing the bounds of healthcare marketing collateral. Fellow agencies began attempting to recreate similar components of the campaigns, and the advertisement portion of the NHOC marketing campaign was heralded. NHOC was off and running. target physicians and physical therapists were talking about the visual appearance of the ads, and marketing pieces, and the look, feel, and positioning was the root of many discussions among patients, new prospects, fellow doctors, and marketers alike. in short, it was a huge success that we’re proud of, and set us apart as an agency that really knows how to get right to the human element of tactful, informative marketing content.

"I would highly recommend anyone who needs creative marketing direction to work with Boldwerks," said Haddad. "Their work is second-to-none. it's bold – just as the name suggests."