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Case Study

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The financial industry is competitive. It’s also a vertical that practices and maintains smooth and secure transactions at all junctures. This is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Mercator Advisory Group was looking for a website that boasted an equally professional and creative design in its look and feel. They were looking for a site that drives consumer engagement and positions the organization as a thought leader and online resource for the financial consultation industry. The site is sleek and savvy, affording Mercator the opportunity to offer their clients a unique user portal to seek advice and ask questions; Smoothly and securely – imperative organizational goals that were implemented seamlessly.

“The biggest need for us was to procure a website that offered a greater level of engagement point – especially when it comes to communicating directly to our customers,” said Mercator’s Director of Marketing, Brent Watters. “One of the unique challenges we were looking to construct was the need for our clients to have their own customized dashboards allowing our team to send direct communication to each individual member and permitting customization that enabled a unique user experience. None of this existed before. The integration of this usability function allows us to tie in our work towards a greater use of social media by integrating in Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – personal communications that we can push through those social channels that cover and expand the possibilities of new business.”


Building out a revamped and more technically robust digital presence for this trusted global advisor of the payments and banking industry was a welcome challenge to Boldwerks. The new site is complex in its genetic makeup, offering users the opportunity to set up their own individual account enabling them to login and have access to vertical specific reports crafted for their specific industry needs. From debit reports, to international payment graphs, and analyst driven, diagnostic based blogs. The site maintains its credibility as a thought-leader led platform through the channels of a robust press room, speakers bureau that caters to tip-based, best-practice led conversations, webinars, industry events, and much more. This interactive backend interface fits the needs for Mercator, and the way it’s built will help them serve and position the site as a vital tool for their client and prospective user pool.

“We’re very pleased with the end result,” said Watters. “It’s very well thought out and the team did a very good job in allowing it to be a scalable entity. We’re happy that Boldwerks is continually working with us to evolve the site – especially as we continue to research and understand the competitive landscape. Again, this is a tool that affords us greater level of engagement, direct communication, and customization. Boldwerks embraced the unique challenges that arose as we went along in the implementation process. They implemented scalable requirements that came to light as we continued to analyze and understand just what it is we were looking to achieve. Their patience and due diligence were invaluable as we continued to move forward and progress with the website’s development.”


We pride ourselves on creative design, and our ability to build out a unique and vertical defining web presence, which is exactly what we provided Mercator with.The team was able to work to create functionality that did not exist before for the organization’s corporate website, and met the needs for proper customer engagement and proper messaging and communications that they were looking to push out for new business acquisitions.

“We have recommended Boldwerks for projects to a couple folks that they have mentioned to us,” said Watters. “We were comfortable in recommending Boldwerks due to the quality of service, and their attention to detail – They lift a lot of heavy weight and rise to any occasion. They remain professional even in the most challenging of circumstances. That’s of utmost importance when you’re building not only a website, but a working business relationship as well.”

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