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Over 6 Years Of Transactions

Primax is known as a trusted and responsive provider of quality payment processing services. They pride themselves on offering payment processing solutions that deliver. On top of that, they’re in the business of offering exemplary customer service. Thus, customer service starts with a website that is easy to navigate, and easy to engage with. As a result, Primax partnered with Boldwerks to do exactly that. To fully deliver Primax a top performing site, Boldwerks went to work to give Massachusetts the website design it deserves.

The benefits of a Boldwerks website redesign are profound. First and foremost, increasing your site’s speed and accessibility can ease access for new and returning customers. Secondly, through ongoing content creation, Boldwerks can continually educate your audience on all of your services. Thirdly, a warm, inviting homepage can extend your local reach and continually grow your business. But a website is more than just an online space. It’s an invitation to the rest of the world. It’s a sign that screams to the rest of the world that you’re open for business. Keeping your success in mind, Boldwerks is your go to choice for Massachusetts website design.

“Boldwerks is always highly collaborative; they listen to their clients and then develop what they believe meets the objective – and if it doesn’t, they keep revising until the objective is met. Yes, we would recommend them.”

– Ted Keith, Owner

We’re There To Assist Through Any Decisions

Throughout the years Primax has adapted and engaged through the changing industry and Boldwerks has been there to assist with their message. Boldwerks has helped deliver creative across all marketing mediums whether it was online, print or PR and content writing. Although our engagement began with the website, the relationship continues to build with trust.


Product Branding

Print collateral and Advertising

Website design and development

Content creation (ongoing)

Ongoing general website maintenance


Strategic SEO integration

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  • Logos + Identities
  • Logos + Identities

In the first year of launching new website traffic increased by 50%

Organic search increased 60%

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