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100 Market Group came to Boldwerks looking for a new website. Prior to this solution the company had a static two-page “listing” site style. From the very beginning, we knew their site had to be expounded upon in a dynamic and creative way. Although 100 Market Group was expecting an ordinary design, they found the best marketing consulting in NH.

In order to impress our client, we knew we had to create a robust online presence. Our first task was to reimagine the site’s properties. After playing with the structure, each property was built out with its own unique gallery and resource download area. As a result, this provided users the inside track on everything the 100 Market Group was working on. Second, clear and user-friendly navigation now gave visitors a more rewarding user experience. This allowed people who visited their site to more freely access important information. Lastly, the new design helped improve search engine optimization. Search engine “spiders” could more easily navigate the site and index the page rank accordingly.

Re-evaluation takes time. But we knew if 100 Market Group was true to its mission statement, the new site would also have to be true those values. By improving the quality, visibility, and relevance of their site, Boldwerks solidified itself as the best marketing consulting in NH.

We have used Boldwerks for a number of projects over the years. They helped us create the perfect website to showcase our properties. Once we provided the content, the build was fast and onboarding was easy. It was easy and exactly what we needed!”

– Jamie Simchik, Principal

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