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Case Study

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Loyalty Builders is not a construction company as the name might have you believe, but they do build things. They’re a leader in helping companies build revenue through customer allegiance – a service enabling their clients to generate net-new revenue streams from existing customers which in turn is a win and boost in the bottom line for all parties involved. By building higher response rates, they’re building greater customer loyalty. Loyalty Builders’ marketing analytics software analyzes customer transaction data to gain insights into customer behavior. These analytics can predict who will buy, when they will buy, what they will buy, and which customers are at risk, enabling companies to get significantly greater revenue from existing customers and dramatically improve return on marketing dollars. The idea then, was to construct a website for them that placed them at the forefront of their respective industry – placing their brand as the allegiant source for loyal and consistent revenue gains.


As the leader in the individualized direct marketing industry, Loyalty Builders needed a new website that accurately reflected their services and provided users with easy access to valuable resources like their collection of white papers, videos and more. They chose Boldwerks for the project due to the mission we’ve remained loyal to for the entirety of our existence – crafting creative industry leading design and eye-popping websites for the clients we work for. Due to our vital creative practices, we’ve generated a large portion of our business through word of mouth – which is exactly how we started our relationship with Loyalty Builders. We worked closely with the Loyalty Builders team in Portsmouth, NH and Fargo, ND to identify the primary goals for the new website and created their new web presence based on the plan we unearthed through these conversations.

Loyalty Builders needed a new site that showcased their services and provided easy access to valuable resource collateral that was mission critical to them and the organizations that placed these materials of high value. Boldwerks then went to designing a new site that featured a high-level main menu that allows users to find what they’re looking for quickly. The finished product is streamlined, robust, and loyal to the company’s customer needs.


The old site had a disorganized navigation structure that made it difficult for users to locate key content. We designed the new website to focus on a very clean, concise high-level main menu element that utilizes a JavaScript powered dropdown menu to allow visitors to find content quickly and easily.

The new site also features a customized slider on the homepage that is used to showcase important, mission-critical information and drive users to targeted resources. Since its recent launch, the site has received great feedback, and analytics are showing steady improvement in traffic to vital content that has been featured more prominently on the new site. The Loyalty Builders team is very pleased with their new site and we’re excited to be building another loyal relationship with a great Portsmouth area company.

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