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When technology is your business, staying current is critical. When it came to their portfolio of products and services, GlobaFone was on the ball. Their catalog was rich with the latest, most sophisticated satellite communication devices, and their service was backed by years of industry expertise. But when it came to their on-line marketing, the company was falling short. Although they had a website, it was old, stale, and hard to navigate. It lacked e-commerce capabilities, so they were missing out on online sales. Their rankings and SEO performance were slouching, and they weren’t engaging visitors. It became obvious that they were desperately in need of a refresh. Company CEO Lou Altman needed a solution, so he radioed in to the experts at Boldwerks.


One of the immediate goals for this project was to find a way to streamline the vast amount of information that existed on their previous site. The company has an extensive portfolio of products and services, and while one of their greatest assets when it comes to providing solutions to their clients, it had been the Achilles heel of their previous site, making it difficult and frustrating to navigate. We went to work creating a custom layout that grouped products into relevant categories with easy to use navigation bars, dedicated landing pages for each manufacturer, and a built in filter tool to further refine search results.

The next step was to refresh the aesthetics. Their old site was a paradox; old, clunky, and totally outdated, yet advertising the latest in modern satellite communication technology. It seemed a horrible discrepancy. So it was out with the old, and in with the new. We updated the logo, picked a new color palette, and installed plug-ins to allow interfacing with social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Product brochures were converted to PDF files and inserted into the page with hyperlinks for users to download. E-commerce capabilities were constructed to allow opportunity for online sales. And everything was designed to be fully responsive, enabling it to be viewed from all mobile devices. “Boldwerks are a trusted partner,” said Altman. “They get the work done in a timely manner, and were receptive to our often ever-changing modes of thinking and desires. The team brought bold new design ideas to the table, and that was important to bringing our vision to reality. Boldwerks’ professionalism made the process easy. They listen, and were dedicated to producing something we love.”


Almost immediately after the new site launched, GlobaFone began to receive positive feedback from users. Altman commented, “Feedback has been great. Government personnel are not usually ones to pay a lot of compliments, but numerous customers have already responded that they love the new site. To me, that’s pretty telling.”

Asked about his own impression of the finished product, Mr. Altman remarked, “The look and layout are great. The site really pops, and it’s a lot easier to navigate.”

With the new site up and running, the company is looking forward to benefiting from online sales, (a profit stream unsupported by their old site) and increased brand recognition. The traffic on the site has already begun to grow, and visitors will now see a page that is clean, modern, and professional, representing the company in a manner that is properly aligned with their standards and values.

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