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Emuge Case StudyIdea

Picture this. You’re in the machining industry. You’ve been a major industry player for over 80 years. You’ve got over 100,000 different products that you manufacture and sell worldwide. How do you take that experience – you’re industry clout, and the products you develop and sell – and translate that into a website that is engaging, informative, and easy to navigate? It’s not easy. For high performance tool creators, Emuge, that answer was Boldwerks.


Emuge holds a spot in the top tier of most difficult website implementations that we’ve been faced with. Now when we say, “difficult,” we’re not making the claim that we were worried. We weren’t. We embrace challenge, and thrive off of grinding the creative gears to formulate the best possible solution for our clients. For Emuge, we designed and built the most comprehensive and technically sound websites that can be found in the machining and milling industry. 

“We are really proud of the newly renovated emuge.com,” said Emuge Information Systems Manager, Derek Belanger. “It represents a lot of work and a healthy blend of intellectual and creative thinking. Starting out, we had a few goals and we must have done a good job of setting them because we didn’t have to add or drop any.”

Not only is the page visually appealing, and a vast resource for the industry community that accesses it, but it also showcases each and every one of those 100,000 products that they’re grinding and producing in their facilities. Their product database is searchable, and end-users are greeted with dynamic, unique content for each search query they draft. Each product has it’s own landing page with pertinent product details and the current stock that is available for purchase. It’s robust, it’s detailed, it’s functionality that is far superior to just offering a PDF download of your product catalogue. You get answers fast with this interactive database. 


“For us the strongest business impact is in good will, reputation and to some degree product promotion,” said Belanger. “You really can encourage customer loyalty with a well-crafted website, we believe we are now doing this better than ever before. Use of analytics to study customer interest and behavior is very valuable and Boldwerks made sure really great business intelligence tools are available to us. In fact with so much product data and marketing material available on our website we may be able to make significant business decisions based on the telemetry we collect.

“The new website basically comes down to one point. We're a brilliant company who really appreciates its customers and now emuge.com helps us prove to the world who we are and how we feel.”  

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