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Creative Community Space

Engaging Community Space Grows in a Creative, Strategic Way

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Creative Community Space’s mission is effectively everything that is in the name. The house is a creative space that is available for members of the arts and healing arts community. Everything from teaching classes, holding workshops, or hosting performances. It’s also open to the public to take classes and attend events! Their message is to invite everyone in the surrounding community to make this space their space.

Creative Community Space wants to provide a home for the creative expression of people of all ages. Boldwerks was brought in to help them navigate the challenges of putting together a coherent online space. To communicate the space’s theme, Boldwerks created a “user” portal for folks to block off their desired time blocks on a communal calendar. Through artful design and intentional layout, we wanted everyone who saw their website to feel that warm invitation. The website also needed to be easily accessible for it’s collective pool of patrons. Clear, concise writing and strong imagery were integral to preserving Creative Community Space’s mission.

At the heart of this entire project was simply one word: community. With Boldwerks help, Creative Community Space was able to nurture their community for the arts.

We provide the best content writing in NH!


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