Azuki Systems

Case Study


Ever heard of Azuki Systems? If you haven’t, you’re probably familiar with their work. “Azuki – based in Massachusetts – extends and enhances internet-scale content delivery systems with adaptive delivery, advanced interactivity and other key features that facilitate rich media services on all major wireless device platforms.”Simply put: Azuki takes the video that you want to see on your smart phone or tablet and delivers it right to the palm of your hand, no matter which platform the device operates on.


The media world is hugely impressed by what Azuki does. They do it better than anyone else in their industry. Their old web site, however, didn’t get that message across as effectively and as vitally as their work does. That's why they hired Boldwerks to develop a strong new online presence that utilizes video, e-newsletters, and social networking – enabling Azuki to effectively communicate the message of their brand, and with the users that are accessing their site as an informative hub. Now all of the tools that Azuki works with are working for them as well. The new site at has some great features including a homepage slider that integrates dynamic text, images and embedded video as well as JavaScript enabled dropdown menus. In short, we wanted to deliver Azuki a website that was eye-catching, visually compelling, and as vital as the service they provide their customers.


Boldwerks launched Azuki’s new, robust website in the spring of 2011, and has been working with them ever since to establish their brand as the thought-leader and vital innovative frontrunner of “TV Anywhere” delivery platforms for service providers, content owners and broadcasters. We are pleased to have contributed to the marketing efforts, which led to the sale of their company to global technology leader, Ericsson on Feb. 6, 2014.

Azuki Systems extends Ericsson's leading TV and media portfolio, which includes the recent addition of Mediaroom from Microsoft. Through the acquisition, Ericsson will accelerate the availability of new and compelling viewing experiences across a variety of devices and screens. In addition, Ericsson will gain additional key functionality related to the deployment of TV Anywhere services, including adaptive bit rate and content protection technologies. In addition, the acquisition brings a team of highly skilled software engineers from Azuki Systems.

Per Borgklint, senior vice president and head of business unit support solutions at Ericsson said, "We are executing on our TV & Media strategy and Azuki adds key technologies and capabilities to extend our market leadership position. Traditional TV is shifting rapidly towards TV Anywhere. Azuki Systems further positions Ericsson to help customers deliver on the Networked Society's global demand for customized and personalized media experiences that include content on any screen, any time across any network."

Cheng Wu, CEO and co-founder of Azuki Systems, said: "Service providers, content owners and broadcasters face a range of challenges as they race to make content available on any device. Through worldwide deployments of our proven next generation video delivery solution, we have helped accelerate deployment and monetization of TV Anywhere services. Continuing this work as part of Ericsson will ensure that customers globally will have the most advanced support as they aim to deliver the best services for their subscribers."

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