Chris Hislop

Chris Hislop // Content Director

From campfire to classroom, notebook to magazine, kitchen table to boardroom… stories run rampant in my veins. They are what fuel my day to day. The words that make up these stories are important. Every space, and every character counts. It’s about delivery. Without it, your story may sound uninteresting, incoherent, incomplete, or… all of the above. If you’re leaving your audience scratching their head in confusion, you’ve done it wrong. If you have them nodding their head in wonderment, and smiling in agreement, you’ve hit the mark.

I’ve spent my life chasing good stories and documenting them in written form; Crafting stories for clients that have a passion for what they do, but can’t express themselves wholly in words. We’re not all writers. It’s true. But what we do have in common is the notion that we all have stories to share. Those stories need to be told. I want to hear yours, and I want to help you get it out to the world in a way that has the world coming back to figure out just who it is offering said tale.

When I’m not chasing words, I’m re-learning how to appreciate everything around me through the eyes (and filter) of a child. My one-year old son has taught me that when you take things too seriously, you miss out on all the little nuances that make “serious” poignant and, well, fun. He’s taught me that inspiration is found in the most curious of locations. A window shade, the way a door opens and closes, a raindrop, a snowflake, a leaf on the ground, the ceiling fan, the dog’s ears, the pull chord on a lamp, and anything that can be turned into a drum (which I’ve learned is just about everything).

Let’s work together and have a bit of fun bringing your stories to life.