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Web Development

Distinguished Digital Development

We live in a digital age. The Internet is riddled with limitless coded noise. How do you stack up and stick out? Boldwerks crafts and initiates award-winning design and development for all your digital needs. From your website, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, and abroad; the digital landscape is vast, and the tools we have will help you navigate the terrain with ease.

Examples of where our online design practices can be utilized:


Bold. Trend setting. Visually engaging. You need a succinct visual feel to your site that draws folks in, and keeps ‘em locked on your page. No problem.


If you’re simply in need of wireframes that act as a virtual map to how your site will be navigated, we can provide just that. If you’re with us for the whole site development process, this is the first design step after an initial discovery consultation.

Custom Online Tools

We’re proud of the custom online tools we’ve been able to implement into our client’s site. Put simply, if you have an idea outside the scope of your typical site surfing tools, feel free to air it. We can bring that idea to life.


When all is said and done, you need to figure out where your website will live. Boldwerks offers online hosting if you’re in need of a quick, scalable, and reliable hosting solution.

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Web Development
Web Development
Web Development
Web Development
  • We are really proud of the newly renovated emuge.com. It represents a lot of work and a healthy blend of intellectual and creative thinking.

    -Derek Belanger Emuge Information Systems
  • We turned to Boldwerks to aid us in making our collaborative thoughts a living, fully realized entity.  I’m excited about where we are now, and what the future looks like as we move forward.

    -Richard Blidberg Auvac