By Matthias Roberge // Published on Jun 27, 2010

As creative professionals, the biggest and most anticipated moment during a project or a pitch is the presentation of the creative work. On Mad Men, the masterful Don Draper sets up the client with a prospective question and as they ponder, he unveils the mocked up art boards that reveal the answer (and usually win the account.)  This is not a purely fictional scenario, in reality it's the ideal way that well crafted creative work should be presented, even if we can't always do it as smoothly as Mr. Draper. 

We may live in a digital age but it is important to...

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By root // Published on Jun 09, 2010

There's an inclination to "hide" your budget from an outside firm when you talk about marketing. Typically we hear "I don't know what this costs, I want you to tell me," or "I want to see what you come back with vs. other quotes I've had."

There are some fundamental problems with this:

  • It sets up an adversarial relationship. Instead of working towards the same goals we're working against one another. Our goal becomes getting the most money for the least work. Your goal becomes getting the most work for the least money....
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By Anonymous // Published on Jun 03, 2010

One year ago we formed Boldwerks because we were dissatisfied with the Agency world. We looked at the trends and thought "we can do better than this." Quite frankly we believe that our customers deserve better.

In the traditional Agency world there is an account manager who sits between the client and the creative team. At Boldwerks we've turned this model on its head and we have no account managers. Clients work directly with the designers, writers, programmers, artists and specialists on their project. The result is better work with less confusion and...

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