By Matthias Roberge // Published on Jul 09, 2012

Edgecomb Potters is a Maine institution, an American crafts company that produces thousands of unique pottery pieces and retails glass, metal, wood and jewelry art created by talented regional artists. Edgecomb Potters operates 3 retail locations in coastal Maine and specializes in distinctive, crystalized glazes and colors for their pottery.

While they stayed cutting-edge with their pottery and glazing techniques, Edgecomb Potters was falling behind on the web frontier so they called in Boldwerks to bring them back to the top. By utilizing the latest technology, we...

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By Matthias Roberge // Published on May 23, 2012

Loyalty Builders is not a construction company as the name might have you believe, but they do build things, they help companies build revenue from existing customers, they build higher response rates and they build customer loyalty.

As a leader in the individualized direct marketing industry, Loyalty Builders needed a new web site that accurately reflected their services and provided users with easy access to valuable resources like their collection of white papers, videos and more.

They chose Boldwerks for the project and we were up for the challenge. We worked closely with...

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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Apr 08, 2012

Boldwerks is proud to announce their continued partnership with Emuge Corporation, kicking 2012 off with a complete restructuring to their existing website. Emuge Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Emuge-Franken, is the leading global manufacturer of high performance machining tools. Emuge manufactures high-end drill bits, taps, thread mills, end mills and much more.

Boldwerks has pledged their time and craft into the modern and engaging redesign of Mobile compatibility will ensure wide-reaching accessibility. The new website...

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