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By Chris Hislop // Published on Oct 09, 2013

At Boldwerks we take pride in providing bold work for bold clients. We’re honored to develop personal relationships with (and continually be inspired by) the folks we work with. One such client is Keith Lane. Lane – the original Founder, Partner, and Creative Director of the highly respected advertising and marketing communications firms Emerson Lane Fortuna and Arnold Fortuna Lane, now known as Arnold Worldwide – has launched his own creative marketing firm, Keith Lane Creative Group (

We’re very pleased to have Keith Lane Creative Group as a client, and we’re excited to announce the launch of his new website. There are few creative professionals who are as decorated as Lane. The man has won over 500 creative awards for his work at major shows such as The Clios, Emmys, One Show Gold, Communication Arts, The Hatch Awards (including 2 Best of Shows), Andy Awards, London Art Directors Show, Paris Creative Show, Tokyo Creative Awards, and The International Film & TV Festival Gold Medal. He’s been invited to speak at Harvard University, Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts, and will speak later this month as Babson College. In other words, he’s a widely respected creative marketing veteran, and that respect is held to the highest degree here in the Boldwerks office.

Keith Lane is the epitome of a Mad Man. Be careful. It’s not what you think. What we mean by that is, the difference between iconic television character Don Draper and charismatic real life character Keith Lane is that one of these two men has actual real world creative advertising experience. Only one of these men can cite the Fox Sports, Puma, the National Hockey League, the Boston Celtics, Major League Soccer, Comcast Sports, Honey Dew Donuts, and Lids as working pieces of their expansive client list. Put them both in a room to talk pushing businesses to new, creative limits, and only one comes out alive. A hint: The one that shall arise victorious does not share the same working initials as Dunkin Donuts.

And now he’s got the site that properly showcases his incredible talents.

Dig it.


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