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By adminBold // Published on Jun 03, 2010

One year ago we formed Boldwerks because we were dissatisfied with the Agency world. We looked at the trends and thought "we can do better than this." Quite frankly we believe that our customers deserve better.

In the traditional Agency world there is an account manager who sits between the client and the creative team. At Boldwerks we've turned this model on its head and we have no account managers. Clients work directly with the designers, writers, programmers, artists and specialists on their project. The result is better work with less confusion and misunderstanding.

In the traditional Agency world, or the "Interactive/Web" Agency world, the firm has a speciality. It's either standard print, marketing, branding, and event services or the new Web world with advanced technologies and rapidly changing options. Most firms started as a "traditional" agency or an "interactive" agency and have tried to back into knowing the other domain. At Boldwerks we started firmly with one foot in both worlds so we offer our clients real insight and real production in both, and we tie our campaigns together in a way that works and makes sense.

We believe in honest, hard work, and fair fees for the projects we undertake and the clients we serve. We don't spend our time philosophizing about esoteric and hard-to-understand concepts (which, really, none of our clients' customers would get either). We're the boots-on-the ground Agency where hard work and good ideas produce great campaigns.

This is why we call ourselves The Crew. And, after our first fabulous year, it's clear that our clients love this approach.

On to year two!

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