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Maintain connections with virtual meetings!
By Chris Hislop // Published on Mar 25, 2020

We’re not going lie… the impetus behind this latest entry is the current state of affairs effecting the entire world right now. COVID-19 is running rampant. Mandates have been passed down that people should be practicing “social distancing”. In a handful of states (as of this very moment) businesses have been ordered to remain shuttered until further notice. So how do we go about “business as usual” during times of unusual circumstance? Sure, it would be easy to give in and just remove ourselves from our daily lives, but, where’s the productivity in that? Enter virtual meetings.

There are myriad solutions out there that are all relatively similar with regard to what the unique platform is looking to accomplish. And that is, connecting the world through the power of audio and video technology that allow us to “be in the same room,” when in fact we may not be wearing pants in a different room miles, towns, states, and even countries away… We’re not breaking the rules – we’re simply staying in touch remotely through the magic that is the internet! No germs are spread when everyone in the meeting is attending from the comfort of their own home office (or desk in the corner of the kitchen, as it were…)

Cost effective

Think about the resources that go into your typical meeting. Time and travel (gas, mileage, parking, etc.) are givens, and, in some cases, lodging and sustenance are a part of the equation as well. There are many logistics that go into making a meeting possible, and each divided logistic that goes into it carries a cost. When you’re “dialing” in remotely via an online meeting platform, the only cost you’re really looking at is time. And of course, the computer and/or phone (handheld device) – if this happens to be your first time.

Widespread availability

There are many options. Just drop “online meeting solution” into Google and take your pick. There are a handful that “everyone uses,” so, for the sake of some time, ask your colleagues where their preferences lie. Anybody can gain access to these platforms. Some are free, some are paid. Generally the host is the only party that would incur a cost. You simply set up the meeting and send applicable invites out to attendees who may need to download the software. But after that, they’re up and running. It’s very easy, and, as mentioned, the options are limitless. Each platform serves the same inherent purpose, but they do have their own bells and whistles, much like anything else competing for industry specific market share. Some great examples include Zoom, Skype, and  Go To Meeting. Choose what you like, and like what you choose (else, try another one!)

Ease of sharing

One of the general pieces of functionality that is relatively universal in virtual meeting solutions is the ability to share your screen with meeting attendees. This not only fuels a cost savings from antiquated passed printouts, but it literally gets everyone involved on “the same page.” You can share anything and all eyes will be in that exact place. There’s no wasted time in explaining to each attendee where to look or what page to access, you just point, click, serve, and converse. Easy peasy.

At Boldwerks, we love showcasing our current design work by mounting it old school to a backing board and presenting it to our client(s) as such. With a digital meeting, we can still use the video function of our computer/device to do just that, even from a distance. #winning

Increased opportunity

Virtual meetings literally open up your business to the entire world. It’s a lot easier to schedule a meeting between your office in New Hampshire and that hot prospect in Australia. You can literally, in a moment’s time, make the lead a “face-to-face” (via a screen) reality. Opportunity abound!

Increased productivity and efficient time use

Tie this one into cost savings and increased opportunity. Both can be accomplished with ease, and, at the end of it all, you’re still sitting right where you started – in your office. Thus, all the other daily operative tasks can still be done. There’s no wasted time at all. You’ve, for all intents and purposes, “trimmed the fat” – that being, the time associated with travel, downtime, waiting, etc. You’re in and out of the scheduled meeting, and, on either side of the engagement you’re sitting right at your desk (okay, maybe you have to walk from the conference room back to your humble office abode… But you know what we’re saying.

Environmentally sound

Not only to virtual meetings save time and money, they’re also greatly reducing your carbon footprint. You can feel pretty good about “going green” while saving green with this kind of solution at the ready. No driving reduces pesky exhaust emissions.

In conclusion, there’s not much to say except that, yes, virtual meetings are a thing that you’re likely already hip to. In the event that you’re not, look into them. They afford you a world of new opportunity at a very minimal cost. There is so much upside and, from where we’re sitting, very little downside. Unless of course you have suspect internet service, which of course can be pretty problematic! Until next time, stay safe and healthy, our friends! And if you want to hang out and chat, let’s schedule a virtual face-to-face meeting!

"The qualities of honesty, energy, frugality, integrity, are more necessary than ever today, and there is no success without them. "
- Marshall Field

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