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By Chris Hislop // Published on Sep 28, 2012

Print advertising has long been considered the most traditional medium for crafting a unique message and proposition to the consumer, but how can it continue to co-exist in our ever changing digital world?

While most magazines have embraced technology by developing powerful websites and tablet optimized versions of their issues, the new CW ad campaign is taking the opposite approach by bringing the digital feature into the print world.

The CW network will be using Twitter to promote their new fall lineup and will include an insert in the Oct. 5 issue of Entertainment Weekly that will feature a small LCD screen that will play a short video showing stars of new CW shows and display a live Twitter feed of the network’s account, @CW_Network.

Rick Haskins, CW’s executive vice president for marketing and digital projects, said the screen would feature the six most recent posts to the network’s Twitter handle. An in-house social media team managing the feed will delete only messages that include profanity or other unacceptable language, he said. And if someone posts saying they don’t like the show or the network?

This is a big step for print and as production costs for LCD screens become cheaper, this may be a sampling of what to expect for the future of magazines.

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