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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Apr 11, 2020

Take Advantage of Reflecting On Your Brand During the Opportunity That Exists in a Relative “Downtime” Period

It took us at Boldwerks nine years to reimagine our website.

That’s by-and-large due to the fact that we never had a single moment to focus on our internal communications and reassess who we are, and how we want to be viewed upon as a valued creative marketing agency.

Until now.

As it stands, there’s been no better time than right now to tackle internal practices and place some of your focus on what  you always wanted your brand to be, and from that, figure out the best path forward. For when we come out of this recession we’re in the midst of, the vision and ideas you have generated over the years can be placed into swinging motion. We understand the trust your clients place in your brand(s). If you found yourself, in the past, much like we did, saying to yourself ‘this is too much right now,’ or, ‘I need to focus on my clients’ work and deliverables, and put myself, my brand, on the backburner,’ consider investing in yourself at this moment of opportunity – as strange as it may be.

If you are – as many of your peers are – at a standstill as to how your company will adapt to this type of living and working climate in a time of national pandemic, consider asking yourself a few questions:

  • How do we now best communicate with our clients?

  • Does my website/storefront best educate my visitors on what to look for or what they’re after?

  • Is the marketing I was doing in the past now going to translate to the current and likely ongoing online world/marketplace?

  • Where will people see/hear my company’s name?

  • Is my company still asking people for in person prescreening collateral, sign-in forms and fill out print materials as a first mode of communication? How can I improve on these communicative efforts?

  • Does my website, logo identity, and overall professionalism of the company still stand the test of time?

More and more we are hearing about brands taking their show online to allow business to commence during difficult times – this one in particular… Many people are suggesting this will be the beginning of a new way to how we perceive websites and the capabilities that are possible. This may be the new, fresh start we need to figure out how we manage our internal processes and streamline our message within and outward bound.

We’re here if you need us. Ready to tackle the task at hand and best push and position your business in a time of curious pause, yet inevitable forward progress. We can get accomplish and conquer this challenge  together.

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