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By Alyson Beaulieu // Published on Jun 29, 2015

Wendy's Package RebrandRecently fast food giant, Wendy’s, decided to update and modernize their logo, taking it from 1970s-esque motif to more contemporary times. Rebranding yourself can be a good thing, however, in doing so, some brands miss the mark. In my opinion, Wendy’s triumphs over all other fast food joints as far as the quality of the food is concerned, which is reason enough for consumers to be loyal to the brand. Through rebranding themselves, they are completely changing the identity that we knew and loved for years. They used to be considered an “Old Fashioned Hamburger Joint”; their logo even stated so.  In rebranding themselves, they now consider themselves to be a “Higher End Hamburger Chain.” In addition to the new logo, they have updated the packaging for the food and the uniforms for their employees. I have also noticed that they are redesigning their exterior and interior in newer restaurants, which brings this rebranding full circle. Craig Bahner, Chief Marketing Officer at Wendy’s stated that:

“Every brand evolves over time to maintain relevance with consumers. We’re transforming our brand to signal a new dynamic company that’s listening and responding to consumer needs.”

Wendy's Rebrand InfographicThis current trend of rebranding is extremely popular. Even McDonalds is turning a new leaf by taking a stab at making their menu healthier, and implementing frequent changes to their logo. If done correctly, this can be a good thing, but when every restaurant is doing so in a similar fashion, there are no unique entities, thus universalizing them all. I feel that Wendy’s needed to revamp their brand, however, they are spending a lot of money just to gain a new identity, which consequently cheapens the historic value of the brand. Overall, I don’t believe that through this endeavor they will gain a new genre of clientele, but as Bahner stated, they’re keeping their brand up with the current times. After all, it’s all about meeting the consumers’ needs, would you agree?

Stay tuned for the next: Pass or Fail, featuring KFC. Did they rebrand themselves better than Wendy’s?

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