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By Chris Hislop // Published on Apr 30, 2015

Mobilegeddon has been a hot topic since Google announced a change in their algorithm months ago (focusing on mobile friendly websites). They began rolling out the change on April 21st and claimed it could take a week or more for the entire process to really take shape. Since the launch, Google has reported that a near 5% increase in mobile friendly sites has surfaced. Not bad. What is Mobilegeddon? Here it is in a nutshell: Google made tweaks to its search algorithm that brought attention to websites that are mobile…

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By Chris Hislop // Published on Apr 03, 2015

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of video? Well, as modern marketing research is telling us, it appears to be a lot. We’re talking six figures here.Let’s look at some of the following facts and figures:YouTube now has more than 1 billion users, with 300 hours of video being uploaded to the site every single minute. And the number of hours of video being watched continues to grow at a rate of 50% year over year. (Source)According to the California-based tech giant Cisco, video…

By Chris Hislop // Published on Feb 27, 2015

un·der·whelm, verb. Fail to impress or make a positive impact on (someone); disappoint.Unfortunately for fans of the Cleveland Browns, this is a word they are becoming all too familiar with.After closing out the 2014 season by setting a franchise record for the longest period without a playoff appearance, the team has disappointed fans once again this week with the reveal of an entirely lackluster new branding campaign, a project that had been in the works since 2013.Originally set in motion to give the team a new spark, the plan involving…

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