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By Chris Hislop // Published on Mar 15, 2013

We’d like to tell you a bit about a shopping trip we recently took over in Newington. We showed up with an open mind and an open notebook, and left with a bag full of ideas… (Okay, okay… we didn’t actually shop).

If you’ve been to The Crossings lately (the stores, restaurants, and cinema that surround the Fox Run Mall – which aren’t directly connected, or associated with the mall – here’s the list), you’ll notice that they have a new logo in place. That was the challenge we  at Boldwerks left with – to re-imagine, recreate and re-brand The Crossings. No small feat.

The Crossings Newington

After several design options which focused on imagery related to the seacoast (bridges, compasses, lighthouses, etc.), we (and they) felt strongly that the bridge was the strongest bit of symbolism tying together all of the shops that make up The Crossings, and also all of the loyal patrons that frequent the unique shopping destination on a daily basis. They’re not strung together like a mall, and they’re not really a strip-mall. The gaps that separate them – though literal – are bridged in an unseen but inherently understood way. Based on the Pisqataqua Bridge (which seamlessly connects the Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine communities literally and figuratively), the shops residing as integral operating pieces of The Crossing feel like a holistic entity, and we think this logo speaks to the spirit of that. It’s versatile, looks great on their website, and in print. It’s sharp, and actually relatively simple. But in that simplicity you’ll find a logo that has layers of depth and is quite poignant.

We’re proud of it.

Happy shopping!

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