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By adminBold // Published on Oct 16, 2012

Grey Poupon, which has been out of the mass-marketing game for 15 years, wants to “spread good taste” through its new Facebook campaign. However, only Facebook users deemed classy enough will be able to “like” the page and be accepted into the “Society of Good Taste”. 

Once users hit the like button, the algorithm searches the user's profiles and judges their class based on their use of grammar, check-ins, and likes. Users sit in on the judging as past Faecbook posts and comments appear on a movie screen accompanied by the judges' commentary. If the algortihm detects TXT speak or poor taste in entertainment choices, for example, the Facebook user could be denied membership. Fun and interactive, the app definitely earns a chuckle. Even if it is just for mustard. 

Find out how classy you are here.

Or visit their website, entirely on Pinterest.


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