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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Jun 01, 2010

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center has selected Boldwerks as their creative agency of record. To say that we’re honored to work with them is an understatement. Since 2001 their surgeons have consistently been voted as top doctors in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, and hand surgery by New Hampshire Magazine. They offer many services to keep you in motion, and Boldwerks is going to make sure the area knows it.

We are working closely with NHOC staff on strategies to help them reach their target market, starting with a series of branded promotional products and sponsorship advertising. An innovative awareness campaign to increase traffic to their satellite locations is in the works, and we’re also working on an extensive promotion of their spinal surgical capabilities to get a jump on their competition.

We're rebranding their corporate identity and working on a fresh tag line. New signage, new brochures, new cards, new web site, the whole package… and commuters should keep their eyes peeled for a billboard over I-93 or 293 before the foliage tourists arrive!

"I'm continually impressed with the thinking, the work produced, and the 'above & beyond' creativity that puts them and their work above the rest. Their organization & communication exceeds all expectations, and are unmatched in my experience. I would highly recommend anyone who needs creative marketing direction to work with Boldwerks."

– Tasha M. Haddad, PR/Marketing, New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center)

When a business like NHOC says that, it should be taken as a compliment and a challenge. That’s how Boldwerks sees it, anyway. So thank you, and we’re up for it.

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