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By Chris Hislop // Published on Apr 21, 2014

Mother Nature is a force. You can try to predict her, but you’ll often be wrong.

What we can learn from Mother Nature that pertains directly to marketing is vast – especially if you’ve been experiencing the New England weather that has been sweeping through Portsmouth this year.

Mother Nature:

Keeps you on your toes. It’s important not to stagnate and grow too comfortable with the way things are going. Tomorrow might bring snow. Who cares that it’s 70° degrees today?

Is unpredictable. Yeah, we mentioned this above already. It’s an important one. Be unpredictable with your marketing. Get people engaged. Oftentimes the most impactful marketing is the campaign your target audience never saw coming.

Is unrelenting. Never stop creating. Never let your customers forget that you exist. Show face wherever possible, and create collateral that keeps them looking for more. Persistence will pay off.

Is eventful. Give them messaging that takes their breath away. Sometimes Mother Nature provides you with that day you’ll simply never forget. Your marketing should deliver on similar level.

Offers clear skies. Keep it clean. Keep it simple. At Boldwerks, we create lasting websites, content, and designs that are rooted in this very principal. The goal is to be as clear as possible. The comprehension that comes out of that is priceless.

Is the authoritative voice. Hands down. When you can’t be touched – when you can’t be reckoned with – you’re winning. Strive to be the authoritative voice in your industry. That should be a priority.

Is a b—-. Are we allowed to say that? This serves as a reminder to clear the edginess factor with your potential clients (for marketers and their readers). You don’t want to drop any four or five letter words, unless you *do* of course, to reach a whole different clientele.

Is bigger than you and I. Marketing is bigger than you and I as well. Hopefully your campaign is timeless. And if it’s not, hopefully it has some staying power. Like the winter of 2013-14.

Walks to the beat of her own drummer. Don’t force your client to dance to a reggae theme if they and their customer base are more of a foxtrot type. Nobody tells Mother Nature what to do. You can coax your clients, but you can’t make them dance the Hustle.

Is fragile. Global warming, yay or nay, Mother Nature still needs to be nurtured. Treat your client respectfully, and with tenderness (not the lovey dovey kind, but with care.)

"There is no substitute for excellence. Not even success. "
- Thomas Boswell

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