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By Chris Hislop // Published on Jul 02, 2010

Mercator Advisory Group is an independent research and advisory services firm focused on the banking, credit, and payments industry. So, in the land where Credit is king, they’re the guy standing next to the throne whispering in the king’s ear. They don’t get fanfare, but the kingdom wouldn’t run as well without them and they are excellent at what they do.

“Mercator Advisory Group’s corporate business needs have been supported by Boldwerks for more than a year. Initially, our relationship with Boldwerks began with small projects, but we were continually impressed with their capabilities and level of service. Today, Boldwerks is a key partner in launching a new line of business for our company.”

–Brent Watters, Director of Marketing for Mercator Advisory Group.

Boldwerks is partnering with them to build their next generation web site. Part of this is a nifty “Payments Journal”, a blog-based site with news, information, and resources for their industry.

Yes, we know there are other blogs about the payments industry. What will make Mercator’s different is the people behind it. The news will be filtered and posted by the analytical experts themselves. Their competitors just don’t have that kind of expertise and their customers deserve that kind of insight.

It’s going to solidify Mercator Advisory Group’s position as a thought leader to their peers, and Boldwerks is excited to be a part of it.

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