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By Chris Hislop // Published on Jul 15, 2013

Read the title again. It may seem obvious on the surface, but people don’t practice individuality nearly enough. Rather than clogging the pipeline as part of the herd, figure out your identity and don’t be afraid to act on it. Live it. Love it. Challenge your identity. Eat, sleep, and breathe it. If you have to continually question who it is you are, you’re doing it wrong…

In the world of marketing you’ve read about it dozens upon dozens of times… You’ve seen it in action… If you’re not crafting your marketing collateral to stick out from the sea of competitors within your respective vertical, you’re not finding your audience. There’s just too much noise. You just plain exist, and in “just plain existing,” you’re on the fast track to extinction.

So what are you doing? The norm these days is to get creative with your marketing materials. The way you position yourself in both your brand’s writing, and, more importantly, as a visual entity (let’s face it – we live in a graphics driven world) is what is going to set you apart. It’s the truth. Brands are taking more risk in hopes of reaping more reward. If you want to engage your end user you have to give them something to engage with.

Think Gaga. Lady Gaga. Do you honestly think she got to where she is because she’s an über talented musician? No (and if you did think that, I’m sorry to burst the bubble). She built a brand. A decent portion of the brand happens to revolve around music, but she’s smart. She took, and continues to take risks. She always has people talking. Some of the talk is good, some of it, not so good, but all of it generates buzz. And from the buzz success was built. In a sea full of musicians, Lady Gaga rose to the top. Why? Because she wasn’t just offering music. She was offering a show. A spectacle. Something unique. She built a brand run on engaging content that is soundtracked by her product – her songs. Like her or not, she’s a marketing genius.

So you’re selling burgers. Excellent. People like burgers. Lot’s of people sell burgers. How are you pulling people in the door? Are you rocking the roadside white-board tee-pee? How many people are slamming on the brakes to turn into your lot? Probably not many. You can have the best tasting burger on the planet. You can have innovative recipes that will keep people talking for an eternity. You have passion. You have drive. All that is completely lost if you’re not sticking out. Do what you do well – That’s certainly the first rule. To drive the first rule to some sort of reward takes one more step. Marketing. If you’re not marketing effectively, and are not causing people to slam on the brakes to take a second look, (you guessed it), you’re doing it wrong.

It’s time to get it right.

Bold signage. Bold messaging. Bold burgers. Lady Gaga.

Think about it. Then think what you can do to bolster the way people perceive your brand.

Make ‘em notice. Once the hook is set. Reel ‘em in. They’ll be a fan for life if your product is as good as your innovative marketing message. To review: Don’t be one of a herd. Be heard. It’s that easy.

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"For 37 years I've practiced 14 hours a day, and now they call me a genius."
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