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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Oct 08, 2010

Frank Lamparelli Oil Company has been serving the heating needs of the South Shore and Greater Boston areas for over 75 years. Yet, they are so much more than home heating delivery. Nearly half of their business is commercial. In fact, there is a very large fleet of very important vehicles that works exclusively with Frank Lamparelli Oil.

Their current website works well for their residential work, but it’s not enough. That’s why Boldwerks is going to give them an overhaul.

The new site will be just as accessible (if not more) for the regulars, but it will better serve their commercial clients. It’s also going to be a tool for educating about Frank Lamparelli Oil’s work with HVAC and green technologies.

“A lot of this is rebranding and creating a new foundation for the future, as Frank Lamparelli Oil focuses on broader energy services.” Eric Tapley, managing Director, Boldwerks

Never cut back on what you offer your core clientele, and adapt for the needs of the clients yet to be acquired. It’s a smart move for a well established company with a good reputation to make.

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