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By adminBold // Published on Oct 06, 2014

Fall is already rolling in. The summer days are and the nights have become chilly enough to add a hoodie on top of my summer tank. This means I packed up my summer gear and dusted off my binders for my last semester at Keene State. However, with the beginning of my semester came the end of my internship at Boldwerks.

The transcribing headphones

I walked through the welcoming doors in June and have spent my summer days off from work at the round table diligently sitting in front of my Mac. There are many things that I will take away from my internship at this dynamic marketing company. Therefore, on my last day sitting at the round table I have decided that I will highlight the five things I loved about Boldwerks, in no specific order.

  1. The round table. Yes it really is a round table and it is the first thing you will probably see when you walk through the front door. Sure there are desks in the room as well, and people have there assigned offices, but most of the time you find everyone sitting around the wooden table. On most days there are a few laptops on it and numerous coffee mugs/cups scattered around the table’s surface. It’s where the creative process happens at Boldwerks.
  2. Puppies. Papi, in spite of his little body has a large presence. The little half Chihuahua/half Besenji happens to be the boss here at Boldwerks and he likes to take over the floor space directly behind your chair and claim that space as his own. There is no reason to be sad when Papi decides not to make his way into work with Adam Kaufmann, because there is a larger than life Papi head strategically placed on the wall so his presence is always felt. However, on that note I cannot mention puppies with out mentioning (Christopher Hislop’s dog) Redford. Although his appearance was slim he is the cutest lab I have ever met. Period.
  3. The people. The people at Boldwerks are creative, talented, and humorous. They know their job and they do it well. They take their work seriously. As vested as they are in their work, they’re just as intrigued and engaged by the community and culture around them that help define what it is to work with such a great company. As I sit in my chair I am filled with information pertaining to what’s happening in and around the creative marketing industry, as well as the town of Portsmouth and the amazing area that it is. It makes me want to pack my bags and move here, which may just happen when I graduate.
  4. Blogs. I have learned a lot while being at Boldwerks. With that said I have learned that I love writing blogs. Throughout my writing “career” I have fancied myself mainly a fiction writer, concentrating on short stories. When I came to Boldwerks I was excited that I was going to experience new things. One of those things was exploring the world of non-fiction writing. I have enjoyed experimenting with my new non-fiction voice.
  5. Knowledge. I learned a lot through my internship. I learned how to write blogs and press releases. I transcribed and edited. I interviewed fascinating people. I experienced a photo shoot and what goes in to the planning and implementation of such a feat. The possibilities were endless at Boldwerks. I was able to figure out some things that I like and the things that I do not like, and I will now be better prepared as I enter the job market in December.

With all of that said I want to thank the Boldwerks crew for giving me an amazing internship experience that opened my eyes to the possibilities of writing in a career setting.

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