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By adminBold // Published on Feb 20, 2010

I was recently asked to give some business advice. I thought about it for quite a while – first of all, I’m not that old, so I haven’t accumulated much wisdom worth sharing. But I have opinions, so I could find something to say. What, then, could I suggest that is unique and has real value?

Then it hit me – entrepreneurs, for the most part, don’t exercise enough. We’re all bogged down in our daily routines, we push aside our own time for our businesses, and  we let other things take a higher priority. But this seems to be exactly the wrong approach.

Exercise is great! It improves our energy, attitude, general well being, focus, sleep patterns, gives us time to think about things when we’re away from the task itself… it’s almost the perfect thing to do.


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"Few people come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling in them. There are deep wells of strength never used."
- Richard E. Byrd

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