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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Apr 08, 2012

Boldwerks is proud to announce their continued partnership with Emuge Corporation, kicking 2012 off with a complete restructuring to their existing website. Emuge Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Emuge-Franken, is the leading global manufacturer of high performance machining tools. Emuge manufactures high-end drill bits, taps, thread mills, end mills and much more.

Boldwerks has pledged their time and craft into the modern and engaging redesign of Mobile compatibility will ensure wide-reaching accessibility. The new website will also provide dynamic visuals, high-functionality and easy navigation.

Currently, Emuge invests in producing hundreds of catalogs that contain all their products. Each catalog contains an average of 450 pages. The focus for the new website is to showcase the entire catalog. Emuge will not discontinue catalog production, but this new website will make a huge impact on the amount they need, which directly impacts marketing expenses.

The website will be developed using Drupal as the core for management. It will have the flexibility needed to ensure that Emuge staff is able to easily manage and update website content as needed. Drupal also allows the new website to be modified over time without the need for costly, custom upgrades.

Boldwerks values their continued relationship with Emuge and looks forward to improving the overall experience for Emuge customers and representatives.

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