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By Matthias Roberge // Published on Jul 09, 2012

Edgecomb Potters is a Maine institution, an American crafts company that produces thousands of unique pottery pieces and retails glass, metal, wood and jewelry art created by talented regional artists. Edgecomb Potters operates 3 retail locations in coastal Maine and specializes in distinctive, crystalized glazes and colors for their pottery.

While they stayed cutting-edge with their pottery and glazing techniques, Edgecomb Potters was falling behind on the web frontier so they called in Boldwerks to bring them back to the top. By utilizing the latest technology, we designed and developed a custom built, Magento-powered e-commerce site that showcases Edgecomb’s incredible products and provides customers with a user-friendly shopping experience.

We recently unveiled their new web site at, which allows customers to select and view a wide selection of Edgecomb’s beautiful pieces in a variety of diverse glaze options. Along with original Edgecomb pottery, the site also features jewelry, glass, metal and wood art created by well-known area artists.

“We are extremely happy with our new website and our experience working with Boldwerks. This site will allow our customers from across the country to view and purchase from our galleries, even when they are unable to make the trip to Maine." says Chris Hilton, Co-Founder of Edgecomb Potters.


Along with shopping, the new website features an online gift registry,  product specials, company news and historical information about Edgecomb Potters, as well as a tribute section dedicated to the company Co-Founder and renowned glaze innovator Richard Hilton, who recently passed away.

We are really proud of the new site and excited to continue working with Edgecomb on their marketing needs, we’ve gotten to know the team quite well over the past few months and their dedication to the arts is an inspiring thing.

We encourage everyone to visit the site: and support this incredible local talent by purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of their craft.


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