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By Chris Hislop // Published on Jun 22, 2015

Contrex – Contrexperience: “Slimming doesn’t have to be boring”

More and more in this day in age, companies must not only differentiate themselves through their products, but also in how they advertise their products to consumers. There are several different ways to promote a product and those differ depending on factors such as demographics, psychographics, and other things contingent on their respective consumer market as well as competitors. This is no secret to ad agencies; however, it isn’t always easy to come up with an innovative and differentiated ad campaign. One company that did this extremely well is a sub brand of Nestle Waters called Contrex. Contrex is available in France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Japan, which is why most of us have probably never heard of it. However, a video of a recent ad campaign that they ran has been going viral on YouTube.

Contrex is a product that appeals to those who are weight conscious because of its mineral water properties. Each bottle of water contains calcium, magnesium, and other mineral elements.  Not only does Contrex set themselves apart from other brands such as Poland Spring and Aquafina through their mineral infused water, but they also ran an ad campaign that had an entire city in awe.

Rather than

creating an advertisement in a magazine or on a television screen, Contrex decided to take over an entire block in Paris. They did this to interact with its target consumer market.  On this block were 10 hot pink exercise bikes which peaked the interest of several women walking by. Contrex captured its target audience within moments after setting up the bikes. They made every woman on the block intrigued.

As the 10 women began pedaling on the bikes, streams of light began to run from cords attached to the bikes. As they pedaled faster, the streams of light created an interactive image. The image incentivized all of the women to pedal faster. Before the women knew it, the final image read: “Congratulations, you’ve burnt 2,000 calories.” The women then found that they each had a bottle of Contrex next to their bikes in which they drank to quench their thirst. In this, Contrex created an experience for its consumers.

In summary, Contrex came up with a brilliant ad campaign. Which not only made women try their product, but in cause, also made them enjoy a brief workout.  Ad campaigns similar to this one are what separate good advertisements from the bad.  If Contrex had employed something completely different, such as a stand that had someone giving out free bottles of water, people would probably drink it. However once the bottle was empty, it would be thrown into the trash. Along with the consumers memory of the brand. By creating a fun, and creative ad campaign, Contrex gave consumers a brand to remember.  I’m sure that in this clever campaign. Contrex gained several customers that will utilize brand loyalty in the future.

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- George Eliot

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