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By Chris Hislop // Published on Dec 04, 2013

Some of you may not know that my alter ego, the writer who writes more than just marketing collateral for clients, is that of a music journalist. This fact is what differentiates me from other content copywriters on the market. Why does this matter? Simple. I don’t want to come across as stale and stuffy. I don’t want people to doze of and/or exit out of whatever it is I’m presenting. I want them salivating for more. My inspiration is fueled by the prospect of inspiring.

You’ve heard by now that content is king. There’s a reason for that. If you’re not continuously crafting new, fresh content, you’re not fully realizing and expanding your brand. You’re not showing enough face with your customers, potential prospects, and the rest of your extended network. People are actively consuming content each and every day – all day long (and into the night… this doesn’t stop when the sun goes down).

What content do they soak up the most? The kind that’s inviting, engaging, and ignites inspiration. The kind that exudes the very sentiment that flows through the genetic veins of rock and roll. People are looking for excitement in the content they’re consuming. Something that perks the brow, and gets the wrinkles of their brain agitated and ignited. Contrary to what you may believe; excitement can be found in any vertical. Tap a creative mind and you’ll be surprised by what can be drummed up.

When you attend a rock show, you’re not looking to stand there and witness a band “phoning it in.” You’re looking for a band that exudes passion. That feels (along with the listener) every note that they’re belting out, and genuinely believing that what they’re delivering is the very best that their capable of. You’re looking for a band that has some soul. Lifeless acts are just that, lifeless. They’re dead. They’re yesterday’s news.

So… What?

Inject some soul into your content marketing initiatives. Soul is at the center of existence. If you’re lacking soul, you’re not hitting your target market. You’re not resonating with the people that are going to fuel your bottom line. You’re – like the band phoning it in – lifeless. You’re dead.

This is where the Reverend Al Green comes in – the reverend of soul. I recently spoke with Al, and he was excited about his current prospects. The rock and roll hall of fame singer was excited about his existence in the working landscape of the music industry, and in his everyday waking life. He’s still relevant. He’s historically relevant. He’s timeless. Why? Because he has an abundance of soul and has carried it through the lifespan of his career, and life.

A memorable piece of the conversation I had with Al Green is as follows:

"Oh, sure, I've had a lot of success, man. I've had a lot of success. But I ain't no different then anyone else out there. I work hard, I pray hard, and live it day to day. When I'm off stage — after the show — I'm just Al. Just a regular guy. I'm not taking no cues from nobody. I've always lived my life under the guise of, 'if you think for yourself, you thinkin'.' And that's that."

In the midst of our chat, Green would occasionally pause and crank up his stereo while exclaiming, “check this out!” He’d sing along ecstatically at the top of his lungs. His enthusiasm for music and life was, and is, contagious.

That’s the difference maker. Being excited about your existence, and excited about what you do. If you lack passion – if you lack soul, people are going to pick up on that and stop checking in with you. They’re going to lose interest.

The Takeaway:

Don’t take cues from anyone. Green hit the nail on the head with that remark. If you’re taking cues, or if you’re mirroring what everyone else is doing, you’re just contributing to the noise. People don’t feel noise. People tune out noise. They tune in to, and inherently feel soul.

If you’re funneling soul into your content marketing collateral – if you’re excitable and charismatic like the inimitable Al Green – people will click in and check out what you’re laying down. If you’ve got an extraordinary track record and are continually challenging the bounds of what you’re doing, you’re going to gain a following. You’re going to become a thought leader. When you’ve achieved that, your network, and client pool will grow exponentially.

Soul. If you don’t have it, get some. Whether times are good, bad, happy, or sad, you’ve got to tell your story with a passion that will inherently draw your target audience in.

If you need help, I like to think of myself as having plenty of soul, and I’m willing to share. I chose to write for Boldwerks because they’re in the business of injecting soul into client’s creative marketing needs. Client’s content initiatives are what I have passion for. It’s what I practice each and every day.


"Learn to do the common things uncommonly well. "
- GeorgeWashington Carver

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