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By Chris Hislop // Published on Nov 03, 2014
Unique. If your marketing collateral doesn’t include “unique” as a pre-meditated vantage point you’re missing the mark.Creative marketing is what separates a brand from a brand consumers want to invest in. If people aren’t investing in what you’re working on, what’s the point? Labor of love? That’s called a hobby.Creative marketing is the catalyst of driving sales for any product, service, or thought across any specific vertical.In regards to industries, let’s take a...
By Chris Hislop // Published on Aug 06, 2014
Giving back is as much about receiving as it is actually giving.As an honorary member of Dermatology & Skin Health’s team, I recently volunteered my time to teach campers at The Works Health Club in Somersworth about summer time skin health.Dermatology & Skin Health have been a longtime client of ours here at Boldwerks, and, like many of our clients, the relationship often buds deeper than that of a strictly business. As the content director here at Boldwerks I enjoy really integrating and immersing myself...
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By Chris Hislop // Published on Apr 21, 2014
Mother Nature is a force. You can try to predict her, but you’ll often be wrong.What we can learn from Mother Nature that pertains directly to marketing is vast – especially if you’ve been experiencing the New England weather that has been sweeping through Portsmouth this year.Mother Nature:Keeps you on your toes. It’s important not to stagnate and grow too comfortable with the way things are going. Tomorrow might bring snow. Who cares that it’s 70° degrees today?Is unpredictable. Yeah,...
"The commonest, most neglected and safest opportunity for average men to seize is hard work."
- Arthur Brisbane

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