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By Chris Hislop // Published on Nov 12, 2013
Fresh off the launch of their new website, Emuge’s Information Systems Manager, Derek Belanger sat down with Boldwerks to talk about the project and give his two-cents on what he enjoyed about the working process of designing and developing the site with the Boldwerks crew.Boldwerks: What do you think about the new site? Does it address all goals that were sought at the outset of the project?Derek Belanger: We are really proud of the newly renovated! It represents a lot of work and a healthy blend of int...
By Chris Hislop // Published on Oct 09, 2013
At Boldwerks we take pride in providing bold work for bold clients. We’re honored to develop personal relationships with (and continually be inspired by) the folks we work with. One such client is Keith Lane. Lane – the original Founder, Partner, and Creative Director of the highly respected advertising and marketing communications firms Emerson Lane Fortuna and Arnold Fortuna Lane, now known as Arnold Worldwide – has launched his own creative marketing firm, Keith Lane Creative Group (www.keithlanecre...
By adminBold // Published on Jun 03, 2013
Name: Jenna BessemerHometown: Stratham, NHCollege: Boston UniversityMajor: English and AdvertistingFavorite Food: DessertFavorite Color: GreenFavorite Pastime: Scooping Ice Cream at Lago's in RyeI started with a simple Google search which produced several reputable responses, and began to refine my results based on website design. I know it’s not everything, but I have always thought it’s important for a business whose job it is to effectively market products to present themselves on the internet in such...
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