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By Chris Hislop // Published on Dec 18, 2014
A Chef’s Journey into the World of MarketingOnce at a family gathering, my mother was asked, “When did you first know that your son would become a chef?” Without a flicker of delay, she responded, “Probably when he was still in the womb. Every time I got close to the ham salad, I’d feel a kick!” Although my love for food remains, my interest in working late nights, weekends, and holidays has diminished. These days I find myself spending most of my working hours in the creative la...
By adminBold // Published on Oct 06, 2014
Fall is already rolling in. The summer days are and the nights have become chilly enough to add a hoodie on top of my summer tank. This means I packed up my summer gear and dusted off my binders for my last semester at Keene State. However, with the beginning of my semester came the end of my internship at Boldwerks.The transcribing headphonesI walked through the welcoming doors in June and have spent my summer days off from work at the round table diligently sitting in front of my Mac. There are many things that I will...
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By Chris Hislop // Published on Sep 11, 2014
As summer winds down, we want to take a moment to look back the last five years. It’s true, we’ve reached a half-decade here at Boldwerks. Like any business, the first five years have been trying at times, but, in large part, we’ve celebrated our successes rather than get caught up in the natural growing pains of any small business. In short, we’re excited to be five years into our quest as one of the premier creative marketing agencies in existence.We’ve been in Portsmouth for four years n...
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"Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a virtue."
- William Bennett

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