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By Chris Hislop // Published on Mar 25, 2013

Anton’s Cleaners – the largest retail dry cleaner in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire – is no stranger to giving back to their community. In fact, in 2012 they received the Community Excellence Award by the Family Business Association for the non-profit work they’ve conducted. Under the guise of Caring Partners, Inc., which Anton’s launched in 2009, the community conscience organization has been funneling resources through their two established non-profit subsidiaries – Belle of the Ball, and Coats for Kids. Since 1995 it’s estimated that $10,000,000 in clothing care services has been donated by the organization including the cleaning and distribution of an estimated 27,500 prom dresses for women in need (through Belle of the Ball), and 700,000 coats to anyone in need of a winter jacket (through Coats for Kids).

When Anton’s asked us to help them craft their branding and web presence for the Caring Partners, Inc., we were elated. We work with the same philosophy within our own operative fabric – of giving back to the community in which you serve (check out the Boldwerks Goodwerks program here) – so we were fully prepared to help spread the Caring Partners message. After successfully branding, and launching Caring Partners website, we were then presented with the task of executing on the design, and implementation of the Belle of the Ball, and Coats for Kids sites as well.

It’s an enjoyable feeling to do work for such admirable, “do-good” organizations. Being a part of the team that designed and implemented the online “face” of all of these given organizations is what makes Boldwerks tick. Knowing that, in our own way, we’ve helped to establish the longevity and success of people helping other people is a rewarding, and uplifting experience. Thanks for choosing us Anton’s. And thanks for all of the community based work you do. We can all learn something from the generosity you extend to those around you.

For more information on Anton’s Cleaners, click here. And to check out their non-profit work, check out Caring Partner’s new web presence (and both of their subsidiary non-profit organizations) at!

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