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By Chris Hislop // Published on Apr 19, 2013

We’re always on the lookout for interesting and inspiring design work. It’s fun to take a look at what other designers are bringing to the collective creative table and converse about what’s working and what isn’t in a given design. That said, we recently came across the new logo that the Miami Dolphins will be sporting this year when the new football season starts up. It’s a curious piece. A dolphin at its core isn’t the most intimidating of mascots, but prior logos the team has worn have at least made an attempt.



The dolphin in the old logos is at least up on its tail, ready to strike, seemingly in a “battle” ready pose. After all, it’s football. It’s battle on the gridiron. The new logo shows a dolphin swimming away. As if they’re throwing in the towel before the game even begins. It has a "happy" feel to it. There’s no more helmet, there’s no more subtle scowl, there’s (it seems) no more innate "fight" exuded through the body language of the dolphin, as is depicted within previous incarnations of the logos.

The 2013 logo, to us, seems like its better suited for a SeaWorld type of organization, rather than a professional football team… What do you think? Hit or miss?


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