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By Adam Kaufmann // Published on Sep 26, 2010

Graphic Design USA, the business-to-business magazine for creative professionals, has announced the winners of its 2010 American Graphic Design Awards. NewPage Corporation, a leading papermaker, is once again, the exclusive sponsor of the awards program.

“The American Graphic Design Awards is big, democratic and highly selective. It celebrates outstanding designers and design thinkers working today, showing the value they bring to business, to society, to the marketplace of ideas. It is graphic design at its best.” GDUSA Editor Gordon Kaye

The American Graphic Design Awards is the publication’s nearly five-decade-old flagship competition and is open to everyone in the graphic arts community — graphic design firms, advertising agencies, inhouse design departments at corporations and institutions, publishers and media companies, and other creative businesses. It honors outstanding new work in two dozen categories covering print and collateral, packaging and instore graphics, advertising and sales promotion, direct mail and catalogs, magazines and books, internet and interactive, broadcast and film. Once again, the competition generated nearly 10,000 entries; a highly selective 15% were honored with a Certificate of Excellence.

Boldwerks is in that 15%.

Out of the 9,000 entries, Boldwerks’ work for has been chosen for logo development. Center Movement is for the depolarization of American politics, and a call for civility in political passion. They want to encourage people to see the Center as a place of discernment, not passiveness or indecisiveness, and to foster an understanding that the best things for our country do not come from only one school of thought. is an international consumer brand based in India, that focuses on delivering the Vedic way of life via responsibly made, handcrafted products. We’re working with them to take their online commerce and marketing to the next level, to help them grow their brick and mortar stores from 20 to 300 over the next few years. GDUSA chose for website design, along with our own Boldwerks homepage.

The certificates went in the mail the day after Labor day and we’re already marking off wall space for the frames!

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